Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Spot of Tea...

Used up the rest of my veggies (aubergine, red pepper and courgettes), pork and pie dough to make pasties for tea today. Also, made some wee "Fairy Cakes," cherry fillo cups, Kagome juice gelatin hearts, mango-banana-coconut smoothie flowers, and of course the requisite cucumber tea sammies (with salmon cream cheese on wheat), oh, and tea pot-shaped cheddar slices (an excellent cookie cutter shape to add to your tea-party accoutrements). All the yummies were a HUGE hit with all the kids (and they ended up eating a good amount of veggies and fruit, and very little sugar... although who'd know it when it's all so pretty and fun?)

1 comment:

Jerrie said...

I wanna go to tea at Katrina's! :)


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