Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Baby Loves Borscht!

I recently read an article in Wondertime magazine about a woman who took her baby on holiday to France. She compared the differences in how babies in France are fed: more formula than nursing, baby food in jars well past the age of two, and utensils are always used—no "finger foods". But, oh what amazing jarred baby food they have in France: lamb with mint and root veggies, organic ratatouille, winter squash soufflé with gruyère. Imagine... if only we had something similar here!

So, when I discovered Dr. Susanna's World Baby Foods at Top Foods, I had to get a selection for Erik to try. He loved the Sweetie Tahiti (coconuts, banana, pear, jasmine rice), and enjoyed the Baby Dal (cumin and coriander seasoned lentils, brown rice, carrots, apples), but he adores the Baby Borscht (beets, carrots, potatoes, spinach, and dill) SO much that it makes him do his Chipmunk Chuckle... he usually abandons the spoon and dives in to eat it by the fistful (really messy). He's still got three flavors to try. I'm looking forward to his reaction to Tokyo Tum Tum (bok choy, brown rice, edamame, apple and wasabi). They're sold at Whole Foods too...

Here's to developing healthy and sophisticated palates!

1/5/08 Update: E loves all six flavors. Does his chuckle for the Lullaby Thai, scarfed the Calabasa, and savored every last morsel of the Tokyo Tum Tum:

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