Friday, May 21, 2010

"Pie. Me, o my. I love pie!"

Name that movie quote... it's one of my faves.***

I made fresh peach pie this afternoon with the kiddos, and as ever, they loved it. The recipe called for blind baking the crust first, then cooling and adding the filling to bake for 30 mins, then the topping for another 30. A bit fussy, but it turned out to taste just like Summer!
We also made these...
... when I was little, and my mom made pie, we always made these tasty treats. Always. And Nick and I got to make them. Basically, roll out the dough scraps, brush on soft butter, sprinkle liberally with cinnamon sugar, roll up, have mom slice, then bake until golden and delicious! Perfection. The kids love 'em!

*** From the movie, Michael with John Travolta. I love that he's an angel. He's such an excellently hilarious angel. A sexy, cigarette-smoking, bar-brawling, two-steppin', line dancing, pie eating sugar-fiend of an angel that is... and the song (according to IMDb) sung my Andie MacDowell:

"The Pie Song"
Music by Steve Dorff
Music by Lyrics by Roy Blount Jr.
Published by TNT Music Publishing, Inc./Techwood Music, Inc.


Me oh my
Nothing tastes sweet, wet, salty and dry
all at once o well it's pie
an' wet bottom. ("Wet Bottom" is Amish Shoofly Pie)
Come to your place everyday if you've got em'
Me o my
I love pie!


Jen said...

MICHAEL Andie MacDowell!!!

Jen said...

Oh...and YUM to both! Not sure I've ever had peach pie but ANYTHING with cinnamon and sugar on it...I'm all over that!

-K said...

See? I knew someone else would remember that one. I love that movie.

And, this was my first homemade peach pie ever. I bought one (foolishly) at Costco for Pi Day and it was terrible. Terrible. Blech. Bad crust. Yuck-o canned peach sweet filling. Bad stuff.

This one tastes like summer-ripe peaches on a thin, flaky crust with a cinnamon-oat streusel topping. Not even in the same ballpark. But, I should've known better.

Jerrie said...

I knew it was Michael. I love John Travolta. "My wife has lips like a blowfish!" haha!

We just had a peach pie from Dutch Mothers. It was very good, I'm sure not as good as yours though. mmmm...summer....


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