Saturday, February 7, 2009


Happy 4th Birthday to Gavino!! Now, I know I say this every year, but it always surprises me when G is another year older. I can so clearly remember dancing around his living room with him at 9-months old, singing to him to try to get him down for his nap (M, being younger, was usually already out). Now he's in preschool, and wishing for a T-Rex cake... So, here it is! Not exactly what I was going for (a little buck-toothed froggy looking...), but next time I'll carve the head a little better. Hopefully, it looks enough like a T-Rex to warrant G's sparkly-eyed smile and excellent chuckle (seriously, he has the best chuckle ever).

Both of the kids had fun helping — E supervised the carving (and sampling), and M helped with decorating. It's a rainbow-sprinkle banana cake with lemon-vanilla buttercream and the body is four layers, filled with fresh raspberries. And, we found an excellent T-Rex birthday card to go with his gift, that Mad "signed" herself!


Jerrie said...

Looks perfect. Dino cakes rock!

My mom gave me her cut-up cake book from when I was a kid...I just need someone to make one for. Maybe me...I totally need a cake!

Anonymous said...

I think it's great!!! Very T-Rex. He'll love it!

-K said...

Well, G thought it was fabulous, so there you have it. And, it was tasty too. He was VERY pleased to get to take "all the rest of it home!"



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