Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Day Off...

Friday this week, we have the "day off" for packing a lunch since there's a big Valentine's party at school (including pizza and other healthy - and sweet - snacks).

They're also reading Pinkalicious by Elizabeth and Victoria Kann this week, and we decorated cupcakes today (just like in the book). After we did ours, Madeline wanted to know about the extra mini cupcakes I made (to use up the batter, really...) to see if we could decorate more, and I encouraged the idea of sharing with her classmates. She thought that sounded great. So, I e-mailed her teacher to ask about treat-bringing protocol. She thought book-inspired treats would be fabulous, so tomorrow the afternoon preschoolers are going to get a fun treat (one day before the big treat-filled party day).

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