Thursday, September 18, 2014

Unfussy: Gramma's Corn Moussaka

I love this recipe, but haven't made it in a couple years. The last time I did, neither of the kids would eat it. This week, I blended the cottage cheese with the eggs in my food processor so that the topping was a cheesy baked layer without any cottage cheese lumps. I never did tell either of them (who despise cottage cheese) that it was in this casserole. 

Mads loved it, after being skeptical about trying it. Erik tried two solid bites, and gave it a thumbs-down vote. He says the tomato sauce tastes funny... not sure if it's the cinnamon in it or what. His loss. I also made them take salad, and practice how to decline salad (and that Erik could choose the apples and grapes in the salad and only a few lettuce leaves)... practicing for dinner at other people's houses. So, the boy had two bites, fruit from the salad, and his bread (served with dinner) for dinner. Good thing he's a light eater (although I think that is one of the things that helps him be choosy...), maybe when he's a always-hungry teenager he'll start eating anything even if it's not his favorite. 
Gramma's Corn Moussaka and Power Greens salad with fruit and lemon vinagrette

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