Saturday, January 16, 2010

Speedy, Healthy, Fun!

Bento for me: I take what I have and get creative with it—it's all about making M's little preschool lunch boxes fun and appealing. With a choice of faux veggie sushi (tortilla wrap with cream cheese, carrots and arugula), quesadilla, rolled lunch meat, leftovers, peeled shrimp, Inari sushi (from QFC), and fresh fruit and veggies tossed in (or just a tossed "Rocket" arugula salad) on any given day... all in a fun one- or two-tiered bento box (and picks, food cups and dividers) from Daiso in Lynnwood, M's out the door with her school lunch in no time!Seriously, packing lunch takes me between 5-10 minutes, depending on what I'm doing with it. I mix things up with slicing fruit in different ways (mandarin orange "flowers" with dried cherry centers, or vertical slices of apple cut into shapes with cookie cutters), and tossing in some dip for veggies. I occasionally toss in a couple maraschino cherry for a treat with her fruit... Easy for me, fun (and healthy) for her, which is excellent all around.

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