Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wordy Wednesday: Cereal Storm

Our kids are not big breakfast eaters. Their dad isn't either, so they come by it honestly, but it is still a real struggle to get food in their bellies before school. I've even resorted to Carnation Instant Breakfast to mix with milk to cover Madeline many days of the week. They'll do a yogurt or banana and milk, and occasional smoothie too, or hard-boiled egg, And mini pancakes from the freezer work, when I have them on hand, but cereal is hit-or-miss for Erik, and Madeline just won't eat it. 

This morning, we had just a dabble of some Lucky Charms left from St. Patrick's Day, and some Fruity Pebbles (sugar-cereal treat that E likes sometimes), and so I mixed the Trader Joe's High Fiber O's, mini shredded wheat, the charms and the pebbles (less of the sugary ones) in a bowl and served it up as a "cereal storm!" 

He loved it and ate every bit! And, Madeline asked him if she could try a bite too... we could be on to something here... healthy cereal seasoned with sweet kid-cereal.  

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Anonymous said...

Will Have to try the "cereal storm".
Great idea!


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