Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Gingerbread & a new kind of Veggie Pizza

Our house smells like gingerbread right now. I know, it's May, but we've been reading this book, so have gingerbread and Christmas on the brain. So, I tried Joy the Baker's recipe from her new cookbook, and it is fantastic! Unfortunately, I think that using more than half whole-wheat pastry flour, and replacing all the sugar with Xyla may have messed with the chemistry of the cake since it took more than 10 extra minutes to bake, and burned around the top and edges. The inside tasted good though, and I carved it nicely and slathered it in the vanilla-bean flecked low-fat cream cheese frosting that I just didn't mess with too much. I just ate a small slice and saved up carbs for dinner time!

I've also been experimenting with low-carb, high-fiber/veggie pizza! And, so far, I've loved it. Instead of crust, I use a veggie, so far I've tried Acorn Squash (delicious!), and eggplant (less sweet, but very tasty). This is topped with a low-sugar/carb Arabiatta sauce from Trader Joe's, turkey pepperoni, mozzarella and a little fresh parmesan. So yummy, easy, and way healthier than regular pizza!

 It looks like a lot of cheese, but it really isn't, and these zucchini rounds are pretty small. Turkey pepperoni is the best - all the flavor, and only 70% of the fat and calories!


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