Friday, February 19, 2010

Spring Preview...

"Spears" - AKA asparagus... Erik actually ate two spears of this. Victory!! He also inhaled two bowls of "Grumbly Bean Soup" this week. He like edamame (or Grumbly Beans) so that's what I called the Split Pea Soup I made on Tuesday. It has no edamame in it, but he doesn't know that. He LOVED it. Sweet. He also isn't aware that I discovered a sneaky cauliflower recipe in one of the Moosewood cookbooks today at the library, which I'll be making next week. Bwahahahaha!!
We ate the Grumbly Bean Soup (or Hernesoppa in Finnish) on Laskiaistiistai (Shrove Tuesday/Fat Tuesday) along with Shrove Buns. These tasty treats are called Laskiaispullat in Finland and are cardamom sweet rolls (similar to Challah) sliced in half and filled with almond paste (or raspberry jam) and sweetened whipped cream. In turns out that Erik adores almond paste, and there is zero problem getting him to eat that.


Anonymous said...

We had purple cauliflower the other day. After some initial looks like, "WTH?!" the kids all ended up loving it! Of course, it just tastes like cauliflower, but it's so pretty! Congrats to the little man for trying asparagus. They are a fav around here with my crew!

-K said...

Ooohh... I got a "rainbow assortment" from the Cook's Garden of seeds for cauli to grow this summer - purple, green, orange and white cauliflower. Looking forward to it!

Jerrie said...

One day you will tell Erik how he use to hate all vegetables and he won't believe you. He'll look at you like you are the craziest person in the world. But you will know, oh yes, you will have a little smile on your face knowing all your evil schemes ( have something in common with someone else we know) have paid off.

While I never had the vegetable thing with Archer there are other things he will request and I just comply as I smile to myself in knowing that everything changes!

Anonymous said...

Jerrie - Seriously, I keep telling people that Erik will end up being a strict vegetarian or vegan someday, and maybe a climber too (since he does not like heights at this point).



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