Monday, March 9, 2009

Sous Chef, Erik

The other day Erik said, "I gunna make you pancakes for dee-ner, Mama!" And, so we did. We made teddy bear, smiley face, heart-shaped, a jelly fish (for M) and all our initials with pancake batter. E was an excellent helper. We used the Multigrain Pancake Mix from Trader Joes, which is delicious and healthy, but the important part was the shapes (and the speed - E wanted them NOW)!!
My Nonnie used to make us Teddy Bear Pancakes, which then meant my mom had to as well (and she would do Mickey Mouse, etc. too). Great memories there growing up, and I think my wee sous chef is catching on to loving to create in the kitchen! Yes, he's the one that ran to find his little chef's hat.


Jen said...

Fun! We love Brinner and have been making lots of fun shapes too but I forgot about your bottle-method for dispensing the batter! I will try that next time. You always have the best ideas:)

I LOVE YOU said...
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