Monday, January 19, 2009

Doing The Splits!

Banana Splits were the order of the afternoon, and we set out the whole DIY bar! Neapolitan to scoop, bananas to splice, and toppings galore: homemade strawberry preserves, crushed pineapple (just can't do the store-bought "fruit" toppings... fruit-flavored corn syrup, high-fructose corn syrup and sugar), chocolate syrup to squeeze (TJs has a great one), butterscotch caramel (Mrs. Richardson's of course), whipped cream to spray, "nut mix" to sprinkle (from among the nuts in the baking aisle), and the ever-important Maraschino cherries to top 'em off (which M ate a plethora of)!


Anonymous said...

I'll take one, thanks! That sounds soooo good. And all I have in the freezer is sugar-free sorbet.

-K said...

I know, I hadn't had a banana split in way too long. Like years. That's just criminal!

Jamie said...

Man, I wish I was there. I haven't had a banana split in ages either. What happened to your banana split bowls? You used to have some right? Maybe we could do the "splits" sometime together :)

Jen said...

looks terrific! I will have to use that idea in the very near future! maybe as a special treat next week when I am a single parent:)

-K said...

Yeah, Jamie, I still have the banana split bowls. They're just packed away in the loft, and I wasn't willing to go digging for them (and wash them again) before serving these.

No doubt the next time you're here, the cool dishes will be back in the cupboard!


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