Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pizza! Pizza!

The only sort of pizza that Madeline likes... I suspect that someday she'll be a real pizza fan though.

Cardboard Pizza

3 empty cereal boxes worth of cardboard, opened flat
1 salad plate for tracing circles
1 Sharpie for tracing with
1 pair of scissors to cut out circles
5 or more crayons and/or markers for toppings or peeled crayon wrappers for "pepperonis" as Mad decided would make the best pizza

Should amuse most toddlers for anywhere from 15-45 minutes, or until it gets really sunny outside and they need to go play in the wading pool and make mud cakes!
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Jerrie said...

Fun. :) What a nice way to spend some quality sibling time. Pizza rocks!

Jen said...

Funny, Abby doesn't like pizza either! I try to convince her that it is her two favorite ingredients, bread and cheese!


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