Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mad's Birthday Madeleines

Birthday prep has begun... and, as Lora says, it's great that at our house you can quite often eat fresh-baked cookies at 1:00 am (or some other vaguely inappropriate hour when most folks are asleep)!!


Jerrie said...

So, those look great. And...Do you ever sleep? Just wondering! :)

-K said...

Yeah, some nights I stay up WAY too late. Joel and I were night owls before the kids, and still are.

My co-workers were impressed when I was pregnant with Madeline and up at 3 am a couple times with our software releases at work, (I was at the office with the rest of the crew, working), but even then I could pull it off a couple times.

We'll have to change our schedule once the kids start school though...


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