Sunday, June 3, 2007

Apple Of My Eye

I love this apple bread. Jen gave me a small loaf of it last winter and it was the one thing that I had a really hard time resisting while on the GDM diabetic diet. I made muffins with the recipe and had to give most of it away. It's pretty quick and very tasty. Moist, dense and apple-icious, and a great way to use our apples from the tree in the backyard! Try it:

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Jen said...

I use extra apples, cut out some sugar, spray the pans with PAM and dust with sugar instead of flour, and also sprinkle sugar on top before baking. It is the BEST! The batter is very thick and doesn't rise too much but it is so yummy. I use special cinnamon that Katrina gave me for X-Mas and it is extra special (I never knew there were different types/qualities of cinnamon)!


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