Friday, August 6, 2010


When I was a kid, we had "Pickies" pretty often for lunch. This meal consisted of whatever fruits and veggies, protein, etc. that mom had on hand, cut into pieces, and served with toothpicks (hence the name "Pickies"). Nick and I loved it because we could choose what we wanted, and because we got to use picks to eat with.

Yesterday, we shared this plate of Pickies - baby carrots, Miso blocks (baked Thai tofu cubes), halved black grapes, plum tomatoes and cubes of mozzarella. Oh, and Madeline picked fresh mint for a garnish. It was lovely.

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Anonymous said...

My favorite kind of lunch, to this day! Probably why I like fondue so much. It's pickies with cheese and chocolate. Mmmmmmm.....

I skip the tooth picks though, because to be honest, my children and toothpicks just don't mix. LOL


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