Friday, June 11, 2010

Guava Brigadeiros

I spotted these Brazilian candies on The Cookie Shop blog the other day, and they were a fun little project for the kids and their buddies today. I used guava jelly instead of strawberry jam because that's what I had, and yes, that's just the kind of gal I am. I also had Vietnamese coffee in the pantry the other day when I ran out of my standard Joe's Dark Roast from TJs ($2.99/lb. can't beat that). Clockwise from the top left are: Madeline's, Erik's, Aura's and Rowan's. The ones in the middle were mine.


Lori said...

I saw those too. I have it bookmarked and would like to make them as well. Good idea using guava jelly. I have guave paste in my fridge right now.

joven said...

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