Sunday, April 18, 2010

Munkki = Doughnut

In Finland, you'd request a munkki (Moonk-KEY) if you wanted a doughnut, and Vesa loves 'em. And finding Finnish-style jelly doughnuts here is very hard with the nasty artificial filling that even the "good" doughnut shops use. So, for Ukki's birthday I made a doughnut birthday cake with both filled (seedless raspberry jam) and glazed (raspberry glaze with "essential cane" raspberry sugar sprinkles) munkki. Stack 'em up, sprinkle with raspberries, and you have a fantabulous birthday cake!

Erik loved helping cut out the doughnuts and sprinkle on "just a touch more flour, Mama," when we rolled them out. Madeline built a great barricade between the living room and kitchen when I was cooking the munkki too. Because, 350-degree scalding oil and small kiddos do not mix...

Happy Birthday to Ukki! His birthday was Friday, but what he wanted to do for his celebration was go geocaching with us and out to Mexican for lunch (the other diners at the restaurant were coveting the pretty stack o' doughnuts too.) Mmmm... They were tasty!

Oh! And, I used the recipe from right here. Under the High Chair is a great foodie blog, and
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Anonymous said...

UKKI says Yummmm the donut birthday cake was out of this world. Thank you so much, we even ate some this morning!! UKKI's fav cookie is soft pumpkin spice cookies! Grammy's fav is sour cream sugar cookie with rich dark choclate pieces. (My invention he he) Grammy

Lori said...

Those are some yummy looking donuts. I have been wanting to make donuts for so long now. I know my kids would just go crazy for them.

Jamie said...

MMMMM, DOOOOughnuts! (my best Homer Simpson impersonation) I pretty much like any cookie that you make, but if I had to choose it would be your Grammy's gingersnaps!

Jerrie said...

That is one lovely donut cake! You amaze me always! A favorite cookie? Oh my we love them all but snickerdoodles never disappoint.

Have a great day. I love following your food adventures. Erik reminds me so much of Archer when he was young...his love of helping in the kitchen and knowing what I needed to do next. Love it! :)

-K said...

Hey! Snickerdoodles win the day!!!

Hooray for Jerrie and family. Coming soon to a mailbox near you. ;o)


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