Friday, November 6, 2009

Fairy Tale Pumpkins for Ella...

Funny, but I only made the connection to Cinderella pumpkins tonight while decorating these pretty little fairy cakes. Mary-Claire's baby shower is Autumn-themed because of her love of the season, so sparkly pumpkin cupcakes seemed to suit the occasion...I don't think these wee treats will turn into magic carriages (even with the help of a fairy godmother) — and I'm a godmother, so I should know. They are, however, tasty! I know because I split one with Joel.

Looking forward to reading lots of fairy tales my little pumpkin niece, Ella, once she arrives in December.

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Jeffrey said...

Beautiful pumpkins. My Sweet Ella is 17 now, and has her own organic peanut butter. I used to call her Cinder-Ella, pronouncing both syllables distinctly. Which lead to the nick-name, Pumpkin. Be well.


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