Friday, September 4, 2009

Plum Cardamom Kuchen

I love the Smitten Kitchen blog — fabulous recipes, inspiring stuff, really. And, as Deb always has the best recipes, and I'm always looking for a plum recipe this time of year to accomodate the bounty of our tree... I made her Plum Kuchen tonight (and roasted some zucchini and did my fave chard recipe too... harvest time in our garden!)
Uh-MAZE-ing!! Amazing depth of flavor, perfect tart-sweetness of plums, light but hearty... really. I didn't have lemons to zest, so I ground up some cardamom to throw in. Fab. Try it.


Jamie said...

Oh Yum! That does look amazing. I always love your plum recipes. What an awesome time of year!

Betsy said...

This all looks fab. And can't wait to try the chard recipe--tonight!

Jerrie said...

This blog always makes me hungry. Makes me want to hop in my car and make a trip south. :)


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