Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Edible Easter Cards

It's that time of year... Easter! It really sneaked up on me this year, but our Easter activities have begun in earnest now. This afternoon, we got busy making our jellybean letter Easter cards for all the sweet cousins (oh, and one for their candy-loving Papa too).
I let the kids choose the colors they wanted from the bulk Jelly Belly beans at Top Foods, and then drew the first letters of their cousins' names (and their names) on bright, heavy card stock. Mixed up some edible glue (powdered sugar - maybe 3/4 cup - some vanilla powder -optional- and enough water to make a thick glue-like consistency). Then, I let the kids glue the beans on the cards. They loved it! I also put some Edamame (soy beans) out on the table to encourage healthy snacking (in additional to the inevitable jelly bean snitching).

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