Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pete's Beets

Thanks to Pete for these gorgeous beets from his garden, and to Jamie & John who delivered them. I gave them a wash, a peel, and mandolined them up (I always use the guard now... learned my lesson), and Erik HAD to "help" I also sliced his apple with the mandolin. He was a safe little apprentice too. We shook the beets in a Ziploc with olive oil and S&P, then roasted at 425-degrees F for about 20-ish minutes... or maybe less. The time it took to put the baked macaroni and cheese together and get it in the oven for about 10 mins, and sautee the shrimp in a little butter and a lot of garlic. Delish. And fitting since today felt very Autumnal.
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Jamie said...

The beets look delish. We had beets in soup prepared by Khan last night at the "Hong" house. We also got BBQ pork, shrimp and calimari. So spoiled, we no longer have to search for a "good" vietnamese restaurant, we get the real deal at our friends house. I will try to get some pointers.


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