Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hey Cupcake!

There's just something great about cupcakes. They're fun, they're delicious and they seem so decadent — maybe because you're eating a whole little cake all by yourself!

I did super quick, fun cupcakes tonight and used my new large Wilton coupler and open star tip to get the easiest, fastest frosting job ever. Love it! Will be using this a lot.

No recipe here. Dark chocolate cake mix, chocolate and vanilla extracts, Care Bear cupcake liners (picked out by M for Uncle Nick's birthday), whipped cream "frosting" (add a little dry gelatin, some vanilla and powdered sugar to heavy whipping cream), and topped off with fresh, organic strawberries. Use the magical Wilton tip to frost, and voilà! I frosted them right at the table (outside — it was gorgeous today) and the kids loved it.

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