Monday, February 25, 2008

Thanks Jen!

Madeline's been loving the colored stringing pasta that Jen gave her last week. I let her string it on some laces that came with a set of giant lacing beads I bought for last summer (but had to put away because she wasn't quite ready for lacing yet). Now she jumped right in and can't get enough... she was even "fixing" my string for me.

Jen says you can use yarn for lacing too , with tape wrapped around the end or dip the ends in glue and dry overnight for easier lacing. Or you could use old shoe laces (or pick up some new ones at the store). Wow, you could even dye your laces while dying the pasta...

Colored Pasta (for stringing or artwork)

2 c. or 16 oz. (per color) pasta of different shapes and sizes
Food color (about 5 drops per color batch)
1/4 c. rubbing alcohol per color
Several glass bowls

Pour rubbing alcohol into each bowl. Add 5 or so drops of food coloring into each bowl, one bowl for each color. Drop the pasta into the bowl and stir gently for a few seconds. Let sit for a bit and stir again, then pour onto paper plates to dry for several hours. The colors will brighten as the pasta dries.

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Jen said...

Cool! I am glad she likes it:) I found most of that pasta at Top Foods, some of it is hard to come by. With bigger pieces like that I usually tie one on the end before they start so they don't fall off!

Oh, for your pasta coloring recipe, I use 3 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol (for about a pound of pasta this makes just enough to coat, less waste). In a large bowl with lots of room to toss, it coats really well. I toss it again after a minute or two before laying it out to dry. Also, as it dries, mix it up once or twice to prevent it from drying all stuck together.

You can use rice too (for pouring/spooning). My favorite is the O pasta shapes I just found at Trader Joe's! I made pink, red, and yellow for Valentine necklaces:)


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