Sunday, November 30, 2008

Southern Hospitality

Yuh-Mmmm... We finally tried out Casper's Everglades Supper House for lunch this afternoon, and it was amazing! I'm officially addicted to their fabulous sweet tea, and their fresh beignets are nearly good enough to make you cry. The pulled pork was great and the hot-link sandwich that Joel got was delicious. The kids devoured everything that we shared with them, and at one point Erik was eating with two spoons—one in the baked beans and one in the free homemade cranberry sauce they gave us to try. They also gave us a whole slice of Key Lime Pie on the house, and it was the best I've tasted. Including my Key Lime Pie. And, on top of it all, the service is cheerful, helpful, and they love kids. The owner even impersonates Donald Duck to make kids giggle, and Mad and Erik thought he was pretty great.It's a small place (three 2-tops, and a 6-seat bar along the window) with 12 chairs total indoors (plus outdoor seating in warm, dry weather) but they do take-out, and the great food more than makes up for the view of Bothell-Lake City Way out the window. We'll definitely be going back to sample more fine Southern hospitality and cookin' (there are stil Po' Boys, alligator, frog legs, coleslaw, deep-fried pickles, and a bevy of other things to try)!


Jamie said...

Does Monkey have socks on? Hehehehe. Sounds delicious. I love pulled-pork as you know.

-K said...

He does! Mad and Erik's old tie dyed socks. They're vintage. E wanted "shoes for Mon-kee too" I told him maybe Santa will bring shoes for monkey...


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