Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I Want More Sushi

And, sometimes Katrina doesn't cook. With the heat lately, we've been doing a lot of salads, bbq, etc. and often having "Pickies" for lunch. My mom served pickies a lot when I was a kid—almost like Bento boxes—a bunch of different little choices for your meal. We were allowed to use toothpicks as utensils...and pick what we wanted, hence the title of the meal. Works great for kids because they get to choose what they eat...from a variety of things that you want them to have. I'm usually surprised by what M chooses, and she always eats really well this way. Plus, I usually clean up a lot of the little dabs of things left in the fridge.

With cut-up fruit and veggies from the organic box, hummus and pitas from our favorite little Greek place, tidbits from the bbq, and nibbles from the deli, we're set. M loves the Milano salami from the deli and the brown rice California Roll too. Pair that with homemade lemonade and fresh (whole) raspberries popsicles for dessert. Summer's pretty tasty!

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Jen said...

Mmmmm, we love lunching like that. I should give it a name or steal your name for it, Abby would like that.


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